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For many multilingual families, it is a challenge to keep the native language in the family. Mass media and mainstream education promote only one language and do very little to support other languages. As a result, the task of upholding traditional linguistic values often falls on families. The easiest and most natural way for families to promote the mother tongue among children is by reading stories out loud or simply speaking in that language.

Lingvaerium Books provides multilingual and multicultural, family oriented, accessible and educational products for people of all ages. Our books and other multimedia products are thoughtfully created or selected and are of the highest quality. They entertain while teaching languages in a fun and simple way.

We put effort into avoiding a simple word-for-word translation of books. The stories are told in different languages, using an informal, conversational style. Parents or caregivers will truly enjoy reading our books to their children.

Lingvaerium Books offers excellent material for foreign language educators, as well as a helpful resource for English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors.

About the author and the book

NatashaNatasha Bochkov. The author of “Kolobok” is a dedicated educator and graphic artist. She believes that the everlasting world of children’s folk tales and fairy tales must never be forgotten by younger generations, and she encourages all children to be curious about foreign languages and foreign cultures.

In retelling the age-old story of Kolobok, careful consideration was placed on accurately transcribing linguistic and cultural intricacies within the story, reflecting important innate differences between the languages chosen. Native speakers of each language wrote and proofread the translations; focus groups of parents and children evaluated and approved of the book’s unique format. Everyone involved in the project truly enjoyed bringing Kolobok to life.

Illustrations in the book are digital and were created using image processing software. The photographs were digitally captured or carefully selected from the finest digital archives of distinguished photographers, then skillfully fused with digital drawings. This combination immerses young readers in a magical world of folk storytelling, where borders between reality and fiction are blurred.

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